Sunday, 2 May 2010

I ♥ love Taylor Swift(!!!!!)

She is my very favorite singer,she is the best to me and I just can't
find another singer who is better than her..

this is my list:
2)KAKA!!(I he's not singer but never mind)
4)Kty Perry
5)Kelly Clarkson
6)Lady Gaga
8)David Archuleta
9)Boys like girls
10)All American Rejects
11)Avril Lavinge
10)Justin Bieber,Kesha,Paramore

then i don't know liao
and i'm one of the Swifties!!she is so talented!!


Saturday, 1 May 2010

talking about Justin Bieber

Once upon a time,many months ago..i hate Justin Bieber so much.Although the reason i hate him juz because i think
he's so自恋..seriously!! I once went to see who he'd follow on Twitter,and to my 'horror',i found that most of the people he
follow are his fans!!And then i like 'Oh my god!!i never met some one so 自恋before..'..and if you're a big fan of Bieber,you
just need to change your name into 'Bieber lover','love Bieber for ever','i'm Justin Bieber biggest fan' or something like that.....
another reason i hate him is bcuz he tweet so many things on Twitter,and every time i on my Twitter,my 'home' is crowded
with his tweet until i can't see Taylor Swift's..=(...
May be you'll ask me why i follow him if i hate's the answer......
bcuz i dont noe him,i saw Taylor Swift follow him on twitter too,then he happen to look kind of like Lucas Till(just a bit,Lucas is hotter)
may be you'll ask me if i hate him so much,why didn't i unfollow him??THE ANSWER IS..
Actually i did that before..but one second after i unfollow him,i saw my friend litsening to his song!!so i change my mind

Somehow,one day ,when Pei Rou told me Justin Bieber is Taylor Swift's pal..i was so shock(=p)..Then one day..i was on my way to
i heard his song (baby) on hitz.FM ..and that song was so nice..^^ i had no bad impression on him lo..but sometime i still laugh at
his haven't develop properly voice,just for fun...

ATTENTION:If you are a big fan of Bieber,don't shout at me or bit me or anything,i'm just talking about my opinion..and i like him too