Saturday, 27 August 2016


- I've been overseas for 3 and a half years now.
- I've had 3 different groups of classmates in my first 2 years in Taiwan, somehow I'm starting to understand the lines in 萍聚 .
只愿你的追忆有个我 ”
- I made it into med school, my third year of med school is starting in September.
- I've gotten myself involved in so many activities that I've learnt so much, but that also resulted in me failing some of the subjects, opps
- I don't complain about unimportant little things like I used to.
- I've learnt Sign Language in Taiwan, like really learning it, trying to understand the way my deaf friends talk
- Taiwanese Sign Language is different from Malaysia's, but whatever
- My school has taught me to ponder over the value of volunteering, and ways of volunteering

- Novel reading is no longer in my daily schedule, because of all the works waiting to be done.
- I'm still writing diary, that's good.
- I'm still misspelling words, for example I just confused diary with dairy, and misspelled 'misspell' as 'mispell' too.
- Nope I'm still single, that's funny when I think of it because I used to think I'd be the kind of person who'd say yes when I have the opportunity.
- Studying in Taiwan doesn't help polishing my English, but at least my Chinese writing ability has improved, thanks to my Taiwanese friends who write better than most of the Malaysians.
- Taiwan is a great place, but yes people grumble about it, we always complain about the place we live.
- My housemates, who are also my classmates, are great.

- I'm so lazy that I don't feel like arranging all these into a proper essay.
- I don't even know why I'm writing. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012




Thursday, 13 December 2012

They don't understand...


Monday, 10 December 2012




Thoughts (1)

I know I shouldn't be saying this but for this moment I can take it no more. And yes, I know it's kind of my fault to linger on Facebook for too long, and so I saw those things, things that sometimes got me frustrated, and yeah, confused too. You see, I just don't understand, what's with all those self-portraits. OK so that's nothing wrong with self-portrait. It's just that those girls(and boys even, blimey!) said something like 'I'm here in Penang' but put a picture of themselves acting cute instead. What does THAT has do do with arriving in Penang? Seriously...I just don't get it. When lots of people doing it, it just get kinda weird.
Perhaps I really should avoid looking at those self-portraits with someone trying to act cute by pouting or whatsoever in it lest I judge them again, and it's wrong to judge people...perhaps...
Emm I mean no offence, just wanted to let go of the emotion boiling inside, sometimes I really wonder about people nowadays and internet and their growing egoism.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rise of The Guardians

Watched it with my family yesterday, at the cinema of course. The plot is interesting enough, I think I'll give it 5/5 star.

1) Jack Frost is adorable! (now I know why everybody, emm ok, girls mostly, likes Jack Frost so   much)
2) Santa is a Russian, according to the film.(sometimes Russian accent sounds like Indian's accent to my not-so-sensitive-ears)
3) Easter Bunny is cute when he's small.(so fluffy!)
4) Sandman can't talk.
5) Tooth Fairy is part hummingbird part human, according to the film, again.

The movie is cute and amusing, one can't help but fall for it!