Monday, 23 May 2011

I can't stand my English

Really I can't.Even though it has improved a lot and even though it's better Jay the hooligan(opps) Chou's English.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Exam.3rd day.

You see,it was so funny because I finished my BM paper yesterday morning but I still went to my BM tuition in the afternoon.
And then it turns out...
I found myself ALONE with a Malay guy who is going to sit for SPM July paper,no other people there,not even students from other schools who have already finished their exam,and my BM tuition teacher continue teaching despite the fact that there's only two students there(to tell the truth,there's only one,the other one,the malay guy,he graduated last year).
Hmm,I think I like this teacher.

Well I think now half of me is dying.
For me,I did my history test badly.All the thing I've read is ,sadly,forgotten.I didn't leave any blank space in my history paper of course,but still,it was no good for me.
As for the mandarin essay paper,lucky for me because at least I have something to write and finish writing in the last five minutes(phew).Believe me,essay paper is all depends on luck,sometimes you really just can't think of anything to write,I experienced that once( during PMR. Fortunately I still got an A for mandarin).My mind went blank at that time,no any story in my mind,it was so dreadful...
I know we can choose 1 essay to write from 5 questions,but I still prefer to write story,it's hard to change something once it had become your habit.

Till holidays,5 more days to go~~


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hmm,so what's wrong?


Well,I don't even know.You see,I'm online-ing even though  I have exam tomorrow
and next Monday
and Tuesday
and Wednesday
and Thursday
and Friday
And WOW,I'm still going to my tuition at 5.00pm.

My History textbook in lying on my lap,weeping.(I guess it must be,since I didn't read through it too much.)
Seriously,I'm so scared of my Mandarin exam(essay writing),what should I write?What if I don't know what to write?