Thursday, 30 December 2010

Re tailored my PPS dress

OKAY,not re tailored ,not that serious,I just do some sewing to make it looks slimmer.
Why?oh easy,because those grey dresses I got is too LONG and too BIG.Seriously,I think I look like a 'o ba sang' in it...
And when your dress is this freaking awful, of course you will do something to it!
The problem with my dad and mom is,they won't allow me to take my dress to the tailor just because it's damn baggy(because they're not the one who godforsaken got to wear it,I guess).Besides,I won't do that too,don't ask me why,I don't know.

So,after racking my brain for any small piece of idea and puzzled over the matter for hours,I've decided,I need to DO IT MYSELF.That explain why I ended up 're tailor' it myself.
Why?(stupid question).Well,because I'm not that kind of girl who would just sit there,staring at the freaking awful dresses,gnawing my fingernails(ok I don't bite my fingernails,but someone out there do this),groaning and moaning and fussing about how ugly those dresses are and still,doing NOTHING.
No,I just won't.

I'm already done with it now and they look kinda good,at least to me.
Still,I don't know how it looks on me,I'm worrying about it,and I think that's really embarrassing,wearing the dress I mean,since we PPS only start wearing the new dress when the school reopen(3.1.2011).
Oh please dress,don't ruin my first day ...


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finally,'Back to December' on

Oh my god .oh my god .oh my god.
I can help but woo and wah-ing
I just heard 'Back to December' -Taylor Swift on !I mean,I just can't believe it!
The moment i heard that song,I'm totally thunderstruck,in a good way I mean.Because,you know, didn't even put 'speak now'(which happened to be my favorite song from the album, currently),and that was my favorite radio station(at least it was ,before I found out that they didn't put 'speak now').Just when I'm beginning to fed up with it (because I've been waiting for a very LOOOOOOOOOONG time for them to put 'speak now',but they DIDN'T),I heard 'back to December',and I'm a little touched...(just a tad bit because still no 'speak now'=(( )

Hey hey,they already put 'Back to December',can they put 'speak now'?
Because you see,not only Red-FM ,even the Mandarin radio station like My-Fm already put that song,why can't they just satisfy me?
Ps,if I ever heard 'speak now' on,I think I'll scream.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Westlife new album - Gravity!!

After so many years,they finally release a new album(gravity)!!!!!I mean ,yeah,i knew about this weekssssss ago,but I didn't had time to put this on my blog and my friend(best friend n her sis) just reminded me of this(see how good they are) and  and now i'm totally EXCITED!!
Westlife is very first crush and the very first English singer that I like.=))
OMG I'm fainting...


Saturday, 11 December 2010

吃 吃 吃


就在那时,妈妈指着时间表中间五个直着写下的字,问我到底是真么想的。我看了看时间表。Emm,没有问题呀!我只不过在下课的那一栏,把星期一到星期五的下课都填上 ‘吃’ 这个字而已嘛......莫名其妙。

  还有还有,小时的我超爱吃榴莲。每次卖榴莲的车一经过我们的家,我都会吵妈妈买榴莲。有一次妈妈被我吵得忍无可忍了,问我:“榴莲头(botak head)你要不要?”。可怜又天真(又无知)的我,只听得懂‘榴莲’这两个字,拼命捣蒜似的点头(妈妈再次捧腹大笑,恶作剧成功)。

  我的牙齿是属于较脆弱性的(很容易就蛀了,都不知补了多少只),牙医吩咐:“每天早上起床刷牙,吃完早餐、午餐、晚餐刷牙,睡觉之前也需刷牙。”(那我整天都刷牙好了T.T )但我吃完早餐其实是没刷牙的。因为......我吃完早餐后,还在继续吃,饼干啊、糖果啊、零食啊、布丁啊......能吃的食物一律逃不过我的’大口‘。He-he-he.



Sunday, 5 December 2010

I miss my dog

I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I miss my dog
I REALLY miss her.

Well,guess i failed to relate to her death.

Hmmmp,like I care about whether I manage or not...


Saturday, 4 December 2010



what. what? what??
why. why? why??

Actually i feel like yelling now.(duhh,forget about this ,it's not so serious actually).
It's just that I went to MixPod,to edit my songs that i put on my blog you know...
And then i create this thing called 'Swities' world'(due to me obsess with Taylor)
And i wanted to find my favorite You belong with me the MV version...
it's like 'puff' and it went missing...
So I keep on clicking 'load more' to see if there is any down there
Click(1st time)...cannot find
Click(2nd times)...cannot find
Click(3rd times)...cannot find

'dormmmm' I think i heard thunder rumbling.Now,I'm totally thunderstruck.
Why I can't find?All I can see from there are people
People singing Taylor's song...
So many
Until the original one vanished.

So,I searched for Love Story,my second-favorite
the story is JUST THE SAME
I CAN'T find Love Story,either...

Hey,what happened?Anybody can tell me??

Anyway,i ended up doing nothing really good to my playlist
(Because I can't find what i want!Which happened to be the best one and not silly people singing Taylor's.)
Nothing really good...
You can say i'm a easily disheartened person.
Arghhh,i don't know what to say.
(Hey,it looks like I'm angry for nothing now.)
What kind of blog this is?
How do I know?I'm not even writing...


Thursday, 2 December 2010

There there,that's all i can do,watch them from the net.

My favorite part of 2010 Guang Zhou Asian Games,see it for yourself.^^

The opening ceremony(some part of it)

Ta-da,the way they lighted the torch and that athlete is He Chong(the one who did 3.9 dive,remember?).

Liu Xiang in 100 hurdles and his 'full of emotions face'.

Men 3meter springboard(lots of men with abs,wakakaz),remember to watch He Chong!

Some of my friends say watching badminton match are totally boring,but i never think so!
Badminton is fun,especially when it comes to Lin Dan.Support him!!!

Women 10 meter platform!!

China's diving team are really great,they can dive in with just splashing a little bit water,woah.