Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Oh here comes 'love' (not)

Sometimes it really makes me sick,seeing all those 'lovely' couple put a lot of love love things on Facebook
and spamming each others page with love words...
it's like all they ever think about is love
Hey,is that all their life about?
What about other things?
What about family? friendship? their future?
Life is wonderful and colorful ,there's many thing that can make your day,and not just 'love'...
Sometimes,when all they write is only about love,that really make them look superficial.

Not just this,if their 'love' is the mature(not really,but at leas a bit la) type,I won't complain.
But ,the truth is ,their love just something like puppy love that won't last long,
Probably...3 months.What?too long?then ,2 months.

It's like this,a boy is dating girlA,and he starts saying things like
'she is my life'
'she makes my day'
'seeing you smile make me feel warm inside'
'without you i will die'
(omg,is he serious?Of course not.In fact,guys who suicide just because their 'love one' dumps them are stupid.)
ok,back to the story.
3 months later ,that GUY dumps girlA.
1 week later,people saw him dating girlB.
and he starts writing all those shit things on the net ,again.
2 months later,GUY dumps girlB.
1 week later,guy dating girlC.
3 moths later....
(the story keep on repeating and repeating.)

It's like those love sick puppies.(doggie i'm sorry for using you as example)
You know dogs in mating season?
You can see dogA mating with dogB,then change to dogC.
Something like that.

This is really woeful and pathetic.
because all we need in love is sincere,real love and FAITHFUL.

And,it's not that we can't talk about love.
Yes,of course we can.People have feelings,right?
Just that don't be too obsess, k?

Ok ok ,I'm almost done.
Enough of sarcasm.
Actually,i DIDN'T meant EVERY lovers.I just meant those 'lovers' who........you know.
And this blog is only based on my personal view,
if you really don't like it,
just don't read it
or you can voted the  'this is shiting disaster' below

♥ gyr

Sunday, 28 November 2010

2010 Guang Zhou Asian Games

I watch it yesterday,the closing ceremony of Asian Games.It was awesome!!!!
And i did watch the games,all the time.
But it really make me angry that i can't watch LiuXiang in the 100 hurdle.
Why?Because although i have Astro at home,i don't have Sports Channel(used to have,but after Olympic dad cancelled it,he said until next Olympic in London only he will restore.).
So,whenever i want to watch the games,i can only find them on TV1 or Astro Arena...

Sounds good ya?
At lease i still can watch.
But,the truth is,it sucks!

Stupid Astro Arena and stupid TV1 only let us see those games that got Malaysia participants.
And those games are damn boring.
and they didn't replay the 100m hurdle one!but they keep replaying those games that Malaysia had won,like stupid bicycle.
Except diving. Which China participants do those very high difficulties dive.
Haha,seriously ,China rocks.
Talking about diving,argggh,anger building again.

Know what happens when i was watching 3 Meter Man Diving?
Malaysia's Yeoh Kean Li ,looks like he's going to loose (mean looks like he can't get Bronze ),And then those stupid people CHANGED it to SEPAK TAKRAW!!!
Sepak Takraw sucks,it's a totally boring one compare to diving .
And then like it's not enough,the other day while i was reading newspaper ,i found out that HeChong did the SUPER high difficulties one.He did 3.9 difficulty dive and get 99.45,the almost perfect mark!!
Argghhhh,i'm going to watch that if the stupid people didn't change it to damn it sepak takraw!
Now,i can only watch LiuXiang and HeChong and LinDan from the net...=(
Oh,another thing,i don't have the chance to watch badminton,the ChongWei VS LinDan .
Because LinDan won(ah,he deserve it,he's so yeng),so they didn't replay it either.
Oh, and they didn't put the gymnastic games,which China is very good at .Which i really want to watch(but i want to watch LiuXiang & HeChong & LinDan more.
Malaysia sucks. 

Now now,let's get back to the closing ceremony part,it was AWESOME!!(again)
But i prefer opening ceremony,because i hate goodbye and i think opening ceremony is better..
And opening ceremony is really worth-watching with the way they ignite the biggest torch.
Really make me held my breath.
Seriously,i don't think other country can host those games like China did in Olympic2008 and Asian Games 2010 and EXPO2010.
That's why I support China in every games,because they rocks.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Oh, doggie

I don't care if my holidays are going to be boring.

I just miss you SO MUCH.
*sigh(misty eyes)

I really hope that i have the ability to turn back the time.
(Don't tell me i can turn back the time if i'm faster than the time = =)
Oh and by the way,i am not a pessimist,and i'm not going to be,in a thousand year.But i really miss her and you can't expect me to recover so soon after the tragedy.=(


Sunday, 21 November 2010


Can someone get me out of here ??

It's holiday and my parents went outstation left me and my sister at home.Yeah,this can be very fun.No,i'm god damnit bored to death now.Usually,i'd play with my dog or bath her but she's gone now,not available anymore.=(.
Got another dog at home(my brother's),but i don't even want to see him let alone play with him,that'll only make me think of my dog and i'll be very sick thinking of her.

Oh my...

Holidays just starts and it turns out to be boring?
I hope it won't be like this next week.

Oh shit,i still got a tuition today.Just start going to tuition for Form4,never went to tuition before,now i'm going to get used to it. Hmmp.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

I forget to tell you i love you.

I love you from the very first day,the day i (actually it's my dad) bought you.


This is for you,darling doggie.

I edit Katy Perry's 'the one that got away' for my dog(Oh, i am so sorry,Katy for editing your song)

Think about the future,
like i had a clue.
Never plan that one day,
i'd loosing you.
In another life,
i would be your dog.(dog?oh no no no,i prefer to be your friend)
In another life,
i would make you stay.

And,'haunted' from Taylor swift(my favorite singer)

Woah,holding my breath.
woah,lose you again.
Can't breath whenever you're gone.
Can't turn back now
I'm haunted.
C'mon c'mon don't leave me like this.
I thought i had you figure out
Something's gone terribly wrong.
You're all i wanted.
I wish,i wish
You''re not gone
You can't be gone.
C'mon c'mon don't leave me like this.

And 'if this was a movie' ,taylor's too.

Even though i know you're not here,
I was playing back a thousand memories baby.
Thinkin bout everything we've been through 
Maybe i've been going back too much lately 
When time stood still and I had you 

Come back come back come back to me like
You would you would if this was a movie 

Come back come back come back to me like
You could you could if i just said i'm sorry 

I know that we can work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you'd be here by now 

Nothings gonna change not for me and you 
Not before I knew how much I had to lose 
Come back come back come back to me like 
You would you would if this was a movie 


My dog died...=(

She died in an car accident,yesterday.

Don't had enough courage to write about her yesterday,because thinking of her make me cry .
Actually i cried the whole day.Cried my heart out you can say(and my eyes too i think,my eyes felt so dry and quite itchy now).Brother cried too.

Woke up today with swollen eyes,thinking that i kinda recover.
But seeing my brother's dog make me cry,again.
And when i saw her picture on facebook,a wave of grief covered me,then i find myself crying,again.
And now i write this blog,crying,again.

I mean,i did rare many pets in my life,like,8 rabbits,fishes, tortoise...this is my first dog,and she died 2 years after i have her.Oh and my other pets did DIED,and i DID cried,but I never had sadness like this before.I just can't accept the truth thats she's dead.
Oh and by the way,her name is 'Diamond',how she got her name is a long story.I don't really like this name,because it makes me sounds so materialistic while i'm not.

Now?I hope i still can call her name and she'll jump into my arms.but no,she can't .
I want to call her name hundred or thousand time so she can barks or looks at me with those innocent eyes like she does every time when i call her name.But she'll never never do this again,and this will never happens again.

I'm NOT someone who love to cry when shit things happen,it's just that i can't control my tears.Well,may be i'm really emotional person.*shurg

All i can say is

R.I.P ,dear dog,you'll always be in my heart.

                         I LOVE YOU.
                         I MISS YOU.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It's going to over

I'm feeling blue 'bout the fact that my 15 is going to over ...

No no no,i'm not feeling blue about that because i'm still 15 till 20.7.2011.it's just that 2010 is going to over but I've done nothing this year so far.No interesting thing,no surprise,no big deal ...
Two years ago,i walked into Hua Lian feeling nervous and happy .Now,i already finished PMR and is going to form 4.It's like time passed in great speed and i'm still doing nothing,this creeps me out.

I don't feel like going to form4,facing Bio,Chemi, Physic and most of all stupid History of Malaysia .I love history of the world,but they didn't put it in our textbook,not even a single bit (although i will spend time scolding those politicians and feeling sorry about innocent people who died in the war).

But,although i don't want to,i still had to go to from4 ,right(oh i'm going to miss form 3)?That's what we should do,face the music.I'll work hard do that my dream of studying oversea (but not india or indonesia)...
I won't flinch away from difficulties ,yeah.We have to live for the future ,we can't live in the past.One thing,just hope next year would be more FUN and INTERESTING.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Me VS my sis (music)

Everytime i heard Taylor Swift's brand new song 'Speak Now' from the radio,I was like
'ahh,Taylor is just so great!'
and then i'll keep singing that song and my sister(the elder one) will be like
'hey,can't you just shut up?'
me:'but Taylor's song is awesome,don't you like it?'
sis:'Yes i like the song,but you're ruining it!Your singing sucks.'(which i doubt it)
sis:'You heard me.'

And then she'll start saying something like 'Tokio Hotel is the best'
So,from here you can see,sis adores Tokio Hotel.She used to LOVE Taylor Swift,just for your information.And then i don't know from when.she starts to like Tokio Hotel.
Everytime she talks, 'Tokio Hotel...'
Every time she sings, 'Tokio Hotel's songs'
Every time she used our computer to listen song, 'Tokio Hotel's songs'
Every time she watched MV, 'Tokio Hotel's MV'
Every time she google something, 'Tokio Hotel...'
Every time she open the news paper, 'searching for Tokio Hotel...(Sadly,we Asia here usally just put news about Asia's singer.It's hard,real hard to find Taylor Swift on the news, so how could Tokio Hotel be on the news?)'

Every time she starts talking about Tokio Hotel, i'll starts talking about Taylor Swift and it will be very noisy
Every time she sings Tokio Hotel's songs,I sings Taylor Swift's song

And then we'll stops,LAUGHING.

For one thing,I just don't understand why she says me singing sucks...(‘because your singing just suck' That's what she says).But,excuse me?This is so not true!
Whatever,i gave up on wondering.So,every time me unconsciously singing Taylor's song,I'll quickly change to singing Tokio Hotel's songs because sis says my singing sucks , so i'm trying to make her hates Tokio Hotel's song (she says she get bored of the song i'm always singing)...

Huh,this thing just won't stop,doesn't it?Never-mind just let it continue...
I love you ,sis(OMG,don't let her see this.Sis,if you saw this,pretend that you didn't saw it,ok?)


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My beloved...

the best flower,ever

Maple leaf
the best leaf

Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!
the best singer (at least for me she is)
isn't she lovely?

yeah,i love Spring,but i love Autumn more^^

Better than dawn

OMG,i love him(emm,not love actually,adore?ha yeah.)
He's hot!
My favorite footballer.

  This three movie  belong to Studio Ghibli    
love studio ghibli!!

favorite color,purple