Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I‘m fifteen! Can you believe it?

Today is my birthday...before that,I was a little upset by the thought of 'my birthday is coming but i can't get what i want(desperately)' , and i wrote this on Facebook yesterday

'birthday's coming and I'm like 'yer,why my birthday come so fast de?'...because people usually put their hope on their birthday present,but i know i would not get what i want as my birthday present and probally my birthday will just like normal day,nothing special...may be i sound a little childish but i really think so =( '

What i want for my birthday:
1) A brand new hand phone
2) Dresses
3) Novelsssssssss
4) private
5) very private

But now,all i can say is 'TODAY IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!'
I've receive presents from friends,although it's not the present I'm longing for,but I'm really touched here ...
and most important,i have my favorite CHEESE CAKE as my birthday cake!!!isn't that great?

But, I'm fifteen,can you believe it?And when you're one year older,your mother will talk like this
'you're one year older but why are you still sooo immature?'
gotta adapted myself with that...

1000000000 of Thanks to you all ,for the present and those greeting^^


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I watched Eclipse and it was freaking awesome!

Watched Eclipse at cinema yesterday,although it's no better than Twilight but stiil,Eclipse is AWESOME!!!

I don't understand,why some people r sayin that Rod is good looking?...Mind it ,it doesn't matter to me anyway,I think Robert is very suitable for the character Edward. Kristen (acts as bella) is such a talented actor.

For me,Xavier Samuel (acts as Riley) is the hottest in the movie.He acts well too.He shows how helpless Riley is when he was dragged by Seth but Victoria refuse to save him...so you knows what happened ,Riley was killed by Seth.Poor Riley.
Riley was the first vampire created by Victoria when she formed an army to attack the Cullen family and Bella. He got Bella's scent for the newborns, and was the one that led the Seattle newborn army. Riley was told by Victoria that she loved him, but this was just a lie to get him to be on her side. During the invasion, he stayed with Victoria and was killed by Seth Clearwater during the battle between the Cullens and the newborn army.

"She knows that I will kill you, Riley. She wants you to die so that she doesn't have to keep up the pretense anymore. Yes - you've seen that, haven't you? You've read the reluctance in her eyes, suspected a false note in her promises. You were right."
―Edward to Riley


♥!!!!!!!!...(I'm shouting)


                                       Ricardo Izecson don Santos Leite (aka Kaka)
                                        this is my favorite!
                                        Footballer,currently playing for Real Madrid,and Brazil
                                        Married...omg so lovely

                                        Fernando Torres...
                                        Footballer,currently playing for Liverpool,and Spain
                                        Must admit that he becomes so much hotter after he cuts his hair...
                                        Ps:Spain just beat Netherlands in FIFA final..=)

                             Xavier Samuel...
                             He acts as Riley Biers in Eclipse.
                             Can't deny that he's the hottest in that movie...^^


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dear Spain

So,Spain just beat Germany ...And honestly,I'm so glad to hear it.Yeah,I am a Brazil supporter,but i can support Spain too,who say i can't ?
Hey,I think Spain will be the champion at the end...

Haiz,I wish Brazil is still playing the match.
I am still, a BRAZIL SUPPORTER ...A Brazil Kaka supporter i mean,which means,If Kaka's not in Brazil anymore...I will still support Brazil,but not the most.

Well, I don't think you get what i mean...things work like this:
Team i'm supporting
-the most- Brazil
-second -  Spain
-Third    -  Argentina
If Kaka not in Brazil anymore,Brazil will drop to the third...simple enough to understand

I still don't get why Netherlands can beat Brazil (although i've watch the match)...good luck may be,damn
Go go go Spain ,I know you'll beat Netherlands.