Monday, 11 July 2011

Fine.I'm okay with it.So much okay.

So,I am now having people ignoring me,people beating me in every aspect,people look down on me, people finds me dull and many more.I don't know why,but things around me are really getting worse than it had been.Bad news followed by another,I can't figure out why.

Is it time that all the bad things I did in the past has come back to haunt me,making me pay for what I had done?(duh,now I sounds like some devil who had killed for money or fame or something like that.Trust me,it's not that serious,but still...).Now thinking back,I was really a bad person.I pour hot water at stray cats(of course they ran away before the water splashed on them),I cheated during exam(back when I was in primary school,standard one),I brought a cat home from school when I was in primary school and hid it somewhere around my house(when being asked by my mother,I told her I don't know how the cat can come in and make my mother assumed that some nasty neighbour had put the cat in our house).There's so many bad things that I had done and I can list them out on hundreds sheets of paper.

Whether it is time for me to pay for what I had done or not,I'm fine with it.Continue laughing at me because you won while I curl up in a corner,licking my wounds...
and then I will be back!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'll prove it

Not so well in spontaneous alteration? How do I know? I only went on the stage twice and you never told me.
OK,whatever(every time I say 'whatever' when I'm frustrated,I remember what Nicolas Sparks said in 'the last song'------>'whatever is just another way of saying *******',this is funny,but I don't meant that).
Yes,they are good,but I am not bad either,but then you chose them and I have nothing to say ,it is you to choose ,fair enough(not so).
I am not in rage,just a tad bit disappointed..I do respect you,of course ,because you're the teacher ,even though I think you're a little bit more on her side.It's okay,I don't mean anything here,just writing out my stupid little thoughts.What I want to say is,someday I am going to prove that I am worthy ,that you have made the wrong decision
Lastly,'buck up' to myself ,loser is the best because they always succeed in the end... 

Ps,ks ng you happen to see this(which I don't think you will),I'll say,gambateh to you too.You have very fine voice.=)
    and thanks to Ah Joy for supporting me whenever I'm down ,and I'm okay now ,guess that I'm not that used to failure.XD

Saturday, 2 July 2011


呵         “艳”压群“芳”