Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sparks fly - Taylor Swift

It really thrills me.
And they say that “Sparks Fly” music video release date: August 10, 2011. 08.10.2011. 0+8+1+0+2+0+1+1= 13.

Ps,her favorite number is 13.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Holiday life

   I thought about changing my background (the one with my dog in it) during her one-year-anniversary,by which,I mean,a year after her death.But then I would like to change it now,something like to show that I am okay now.Not that I have forgotten about her,sometimes the memory of her can still bring back pain,but I figure out I shouldn't act this way.It's like I'm making my way up a hill,slowly...

   I don't actually know what I'm thinking.Just read a book called 'The Lace Reader',pretty much a strange book,and I am now having strange thoughts as a result of reading strange book.Actually I have a lot of thoughts,because I finished reading a novel in just one day.I just can't stop reading,and sleeping,when I am not reading.And then I ended up having weird dream,one of the result you may get when being overwhelmed by words.
   I think a lot too,actually,and then I have a lot of things on my mind.Some of them are brilliant but I'm too lazy to write it down.This explained why my journal is laying at the same spot where I left it,untouched.It's not a good thing to get lazy,and my mum is nagging at me (because my books are scrambled all over the floor) .
   Nah,I think I should work on all the things I imagined myself doing when exam is not over.Something like writing an essay,learn French(oh god I love French,but I don't know where to start,tell me how I learnt Mandarin and English when I was a kid),read as much novels as I can(am doing it now),exercise,etc.

   Shit,I am hungry now.


Sunday, 28 August 2011


Standing in front of the window,I suck in the wind.So cold yet so refreshing...
I really like it when it rains,no,more than like,I LOVE it.
Makes me feel like I'm in the country I would like myself to be in instead of Malaysia.Too much for day-dreaming huh?


Monday, 11 July 2011

Fine.I'm okay with it.So much okay.

So,I am now having people ignoring me,people beating me in every aspect,people look down on me, people finds me dull and many more.I don't know why,but things around me are really getting worse than it had been.Bad news followed by another,I can't figure out why.

Is it time that all the bad things I did in the past has come back to haunt me,making me pay for what I had done?(duh,now I sounds like some devil who had killed for money or fame or something like that.Trust me,it's not that serious,but still...).Now thinking back,I was really a bad person.I pour hot water at stray cats(of course they ran away before the water splashed on them),I cheated during exam(back when I was in primary school,standard one),I brought a cat home from school when I was in primary school and hid it somewhere around my house(when being asked by my mother,I told her I don't know how the cat can come in and make my mother assumed that some nasty neighbour had put the cat in our house).There's so many bad things that I had done and I can list them out on hundreds sheets of paper.

Whether it is time for me to pay for what I had done or not,I'm fine with it.Continue laughing at me because you won while I curl up in a corner,licking my wounds...
and then I will be back!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

I'll prove it

Not so well in spontaneous alteration? How do I know? I only went on the stage twice and you never told me.
OK,whatever(every time I say 'whatever' when I'm frustrated,I remember what Nicolas Sparks said in 'the last song'------>'whatever is just another way of saying *******',this is funny,but I don't meant that).
Yes,they are good,but I am not bad either,but then you chose them and I have nothing to say ,it is you to choose ,fair enough(not so).
I am not in rage,just a tad bit disappointed..I do respect you,of course ,because you're the teacher ,even though I think you're a little bit more on her side.It's okay,I don't mean anything here,just writing out my stupid little thoughts.What I want to say is,someday I am going to prove that I am worthy ,that you have made the wrong decision
Lastly,'buck up' to myself ,loser is the best because they always succeed in the end... 

Ps,ks ng you happen to see this(which I don't think you will),I'll say,gambateh to you too.You have very fine voice.=)
    and thanks to Ah Joy for supporting me whenever I'm down ,and I'm okay now ,guess that I'm not that used to failure.XD

Saturday, 2 July 2011


呵         “艳”压群“芳”


Friday, 17 June 2011

The story of us-Taylor Swift

What can I say?
Watch it for yourself ,it won't let you down,Taylor always won't let you down.

Mean-Taylor Swift

Sunday, 12 June 2011




旅行~ 旅行~ 旅行!



Monday, 23 May 2011

I can't stand my English

Really I can't.Even though it has improved a lot and even though it's better Jay the hooligan(opps) Chou's English.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Exam.3rd day.

You see,it was so funny because I finished my BM paper yesterday morning but I still went to my BM tuition in the afternoon.
And then it turns out...
I found myself ALONE with a Malay guy who is going to sit for SPM July paper,no other people there,not even students from other schools who have already finished their exam,and my BM tuition teacher continue teaching despite the fact that there's only two students there(to tell the truth,there's only one,the other one,the malay guy,he graduated last year).
Hmm,I think I like this teacher.

Well I think now half of me is dying.
For me,I did my history test badly.All the thing I've read is ,sadly,forgotten.I didn't leave any blank space in my history paper of course,but still,it was no good for me.
As for the mandarin essay paper,lucky for me because at least I have something to write and finish writing in the last five minutes(phew).Believe me,essay paper is all depends on luck,sometimes you really just can't think of anything to write,I experienced that once( during PMR. Fortunately I still got an A for mandarin).My mind went blank at that time,no any story in my mind,it was so dreadful...
I know we can choose 1 essay to write from 5 questions,but I still prefer to write story,it's hard to change something once it had become your habit.

Till holidays,5 more days to go~~


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hmm,so what's wrong?


Well,I don't even know.You see,I'm online-ing even though  I have exam tomorrow
and next Monday
and Tuesday
and Wednesday
and Thursday
and Friday
And WOW,I'm still going to my tuition at 5.00pm.

My History textbook in lying on my lap,weeping.(I guess it must be,since I didn't read through it too much.)
Seriously,I'm so scared of my Mandarin exam(essay writing),what should I write?What if I don't know what to write?



Wednesday, 6 April 2011



什么她女儿拿了8A不是很开心,因为全校八十多个8A里,全级一百多名的人也拿8A , 和拿全级五名以内(真的?)的苍蝇的成绩一样。苍蝇没有了可以骄傲的理由,她不能一个人站在台上接受别人的赞美,她的荣誉都和别人平分了,所以她不开心。





Wednesday, 30 March 2011



看着三位马来(我说呀,这是不公平的。要么就请华人、印度人、马来人裁判各一位,赛绩才会公平)在 bilik mesyuarat 后方讨论赛果,姓许的预测说我们赢的机会其实很渺茫,马来人么!

许久,身为主持的培柔(培柔啊,其实做华文辩论的主持比较好,因为看的是讲华文的,不是马来文,而且帅哥也比较多。)从裁判手中拿了成绩。而且还说错成绩 ,害我白开心了一下。=((培柔我不是在怪你啦)。另一间马来校赢了,最佳辩员是马来人二辩(女的)。
后来我们就在bilik mesyuarat后面吃老师准备的食物(食物!)。



Thursday, 24 March 2011

Went to SMK Taman Tasik to watch debate...

Ps,SMK Taman Tasik is very very near to my house=)

OK,we would be in the competition today if the school which is going to debate with us didn't suddenly pulled out. So, my BM teacher brought us to SMK Taman Tasik to watch the debate between SMK TT and SABK SUBBANIAH .
Supposedly,the debate starts on 9.00am, but we wait wait wait until 9.35am only they started the debate...
One of our school teacher's son is in the SMK TT debate team.And may I say,he is great in debate!
Good,now let's pray that even if we win in the next competition(30 April),we won't meet them(is it possible?).I mean,he is so great that makes me really worry(and scared).
One thing that may be a good news,we won't meet them in short term...

The debate ended at11.10am,Pn.Yong brought us to Prima for lunch(she's so good^^).Me and AhJoy both agreed that it was kind of unbelievable.Because,it was school hours,yet we were eating,in Prima!When the food is served,PnYong paid for us(again,she is so good) and we went back to school after that.


Friday, 18 March 2011

我做主持!Yea,love it!

还在质疑着她言论的我 星期一主持了一场比赛后,立刻心服口服。






Friday, 25 February 2011


中一时得第 8,
中二第 4 , 
中三第 10。(跑错一小段的路)


我心里嘀咕 “是咯,都不知自己怎么跑的,竟然这么烂...”

但我说自己跑得很差,他们却苦口婆心地告诉我跑得第18 名已经很厉害了,不要要求太高。



Wednesday, 23 February 2011

busy ea?

very very busy...


Monday, 31 January 2011


看见弹钢琴的人—— 手指在钢琴键上轻轻弹着,串串动听乐符飘出来。





Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stop!No entry for homework!

Know what I see in my mind,when the teacher said 'so,your homework is...'?
I see teachers with a very evil smile on their face (ohmy,I can even hear their evil laugh 'HE-HE-HE'),and the teacher are holding a bomb,ready to throw at me.'Booooom...',here they go,but they didn't throw at me,they throw their bombs to a mountain called 'homework' so that I'm buried alive by homeworkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
I am so dead.

Why?Why our teachers like to give homework?
We got tons of everyday,and may I say,I need one year to complete those homeworksssssss we got for A DAY.
Okay,it's just a exaggeration.But still,This is so suck.

Duhh,so many homeworks waiting.What I hate the most?Karangan.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Back to December-Taylor swift is out now!!!!

Should have put this days before,but I had no time.So I'm putting it now,rather late i might say...

I swear!This is worth-watching(because it's Taylor's!!).

And this is the MV I love most
(highly recommended)


Saturday, 22 January 2011

feel like I had been in a daze since school reopen

Really,I don't know what am I doing,the only thing i know is,I'm almost buried alive by tons and tons of homework.Scary?That's the truth.
Not that I can't finished my home work,but by the time I finished them ,it's already 1a.m.And I'm like 'this is so shit,why these things happen?'
I don't know,I really don't know,maybe I really have problem managing my time.Yea,maybe that's the truth.
The other thing is,not that I don't understand what's the teachers were teachings, hell,of course I understand.
But I really hate homework!!

And now I'm racking brain to write a novel/essay/poem for the competition...for some unknown reason I feel stress and at the same time , laziness is engulfing me I think.
I'm trying kinda hard to improve my Mandarin.Do I need to improve my Mandarin?I do!Once upon a time my Mandarin was counted as really good,but now,although my Mandarin level hadn't slack(I think so),it din't improve either!People are improving their Mandarin,but me?I've done NOTHING!

I desperately need a chance to prove to myself(and everyone else) that I'm still kinda good in writing.That's why I regard the whole essay competition thing as important,and treats it with my utmost attention.And now I'm stress to the breaking point!
(at least I'm handling it well,I think...)

And,of course I'm trying to improve in English(not BM ,will only study BM for EXAM)).A fact that pleased me,at least my English is improving,Well,that's because my English is too damn poor before.  V.V.

I'm going to fight against all the tiredness and laziness and whatever,fight!For my future!

I don't know what I'm writing,it's your bad for health to read this.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Annoying 'big' student.(!)

Trust me,I'm already kind enough by calling her 'annoying'.Because...she is a lot worse than JUST annoying.
And the reason I called her big is because,
1.She is not small anymore.
2.She is ENORMOUS !(Opps ,I mean fat).

Oh,forgot to introduce her.She is my mother's student and she used to came to our house everyday(like a paparazzi) but I don't really like her cause she is so rude.One day,she quarrel with my mom.Or to be more correct, she yell at my mom and all my mother do was only decided not to take the present she gave her and she went MAD.Don't ask me why,she is so moody(ohmygod maybe she has mental problem).And then she send lots of message to my mom,something like 'Dari hari ini kamu bukan cikgu saya lagi' (of course she's using BM because her BI is so poor) and the others I forgot already.I was sooo angry back then,imagine people yelling and saying bad things to your mom,you'll be mad as me.I remember saying something like 'I feel like kicking her butt'(must be a lot easier to kick since she got so many fat),but I didn't do it anyway,I choose to endure her.

And I thought it was the end.
But,apparently it was NOT.
My mom's colleague told her that someone is saying bad thing about her on FB.We went and check,and it was HER,using my mom's name to say words like 'cb','sh','lc'.

She really did  reach the height of truculence,didn't she?

I was really really angry,I can feel rage building inside me,ready to erupt.
I want to go to her page and scold her(in English because her English is not good.Maybe she will not understand what I'm saying but still,that sure will feel good).Sadly,I didn't had chance to online that time.After a few days,when i got chance to online ,I'm already calm down(but I'm still angry),that time I choose not think about it(because thinking about ti makes me angry) .Why not?This kind of people will pay for what they had done,sooner or later ,even though I'm not the one who make her gets what she deserve.

Still,she's not finish yet.
She keeps calling to my house!!
Well,even though she chose to speak in English,I can still recognize her  bitchy bitchy kind of voice. She didn't say her name out so I decided to play along.
When I pick up the phone ,she stammers 'emm...arr...ee...I want to...ah...may...I...speak to XXX (no please)?And I'm like 'WRONG NUMBER.'and I hang up.
The other time,when I pick up the phone she stammers again(because her English is very poor,remember?)
and I pretend that there's something wrong with the line (of cousre I'm using English,don't ask stupid question) 'HELLO?(and she's like 'har?')...Hello??(harrr?may I speak to...)...HELLO?!!(I interrupt her)...I don't know who is this,this idiot didn't say anything(I said to my sis)!!'
and I hang up the phone.


The reason I wrote this blog is,she is really getting off limit and I can't stand her now.Count me as KIND cause I didn't go and fake an account to say shit things about her.

Quote my sister ' A PIG WITH A WIG IS STILL A PIG'.
(nice saying,sis)


Monday, 3 January 2011

A whole new year,again...

It's the first day of my Form4 life.(and it's boring)
Spend almost the whole day siting on the floor(in the hall) .I sat there for,like,3 hours(is it this long?) and my feet were numb and I couldn't really stand upright and I seem to be limping...
That feeling is very very very not nice if you ask me.

We gonna spend another day doing the same thing,siting in the hall,listening to lots of talk.I have no comment for it,the talks I mean. I really hate siting on the floor!Thanks god it's ONLY two days.

And the teachers are saying there's a very very very big gap between Form3 and Form4,so we gonna work real hard,4 hours studying,not include tuition and time at school.(I doubt I can do that)