Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Small shrimps alert!

I was having Curry Mee as breakfast today, and I could not help help picking out those small shrimps in the curry, very patiently.
Still, however patient I am, I was still irritated, there's just so many small shrimps. I mean, I don't get why us Chinese like small shrimps so much. Small shrimps in everything we cook, noddles, rice dumpling, fried rice, etc. Why?
To me, having small shrimps in your curry mee is like having them swimming in there, occasionally peeking out. Yup, PEEKING, because their eyes are so black it's hard not to notice them in your curry, sometimes I see many pairs of eyes instead of small shrimps, it's horrible. Yucks, must not let my imagination run wild.


Saturday, 6 October 2012

5Sc1 Pilihan Raya ke-1

Had our first and  the last election yesterday.
The funny thing is, what we (most of the class al least) were most interested in are who's the handsomest and prettiest. Oh and, the best couple.

Since I have mentioned about it, I'll just announce the 'winners'.
There's two boys who were chosen as the handsomest, funny, but this is how it worked. The chosen ones are Ivan and Wooi Keong.
Ivan always struck me as cute actually, partly because of his height, but if you consider seriously about it, yeah, I guess he really is good-looking. I always think that he can be a stunner if he's taller, but judging by the votes he got, he already is one. He's a nice guy I think, we don't talk much because he doesn't talk much(to girls anyway) and I'm not that kind of girl who goes around talking to every boy in my class, so...
Wooi Keong is the one who has both the look and the brain, the one who still managed to get good results in exam despite being in a relationship, the one who was also given the title 'the handsomest' back when we were in F2.
There's also people who didn't get chosen as 'the handsomest' and accused others as blind for not voting him. He was just kidding (and being narcissistic) and I found it amusing.

And the prettiest went to Ye Wei and Hui Yee. Also expected.
Ye Wei was crowned 'the Beauty' since kindergarten, according to my friend. I'm not really close with her but from my interaction with her I know she's modest, she never really yelled.
Hui Yee and I are quite close and everybody thinks she's beautiful. Like Wooi Keong, she also has both the look and the brain. She's kind-hearted and always considerate.
Both of them attracted boys, who sometimes like to go to their place and say random something just to irk them,Of course, they have admirersssssss.

The best couples went to, well, the best couples, all from our class. It's better not to talk about them here because they might not like it. They are actually not real couples, but at least one in the two of them has feeling for the other, that's how the gossips start. Teasing them is 5Sc1's favorite pastime.

I wonder, why can't it be 'the most kind-hearted' that we are most interested in? In fact, it took us some time to think whether there's anyone suitable for the title. In the end, I voted for my best friend, because she really deserves it. Some didn't have any idea and simply wrote whoever's name that came up in their mind. It's kind of pathetic.
So I wonder again, does look matters that much? Not too much to me actually, but I still can't help falling for Ponsi's look and being over-enthusiastic about it. Not to mention those girls who yelp whenever they see actually-not-too-good-looking-but-to-them-they-are guys.

I'm not particularly satisfied with the choices given, truth to be said. There was 'the most talkative', 'the most hamsap'(=.=) and some slightly negative things, but no 'the most hard-working', 'the most helpful', 'most talented' or positive things like that. Even if they did put good things like that, we would probably have to rack our brain to come up with some suitable candidates. Why? Because we are less interested in that?

Well these are puzzles to be solved, and most probably cannot be solved. So let's not torture my poor little brain now...
Case closed.


Monday, 1 October 2012


When you sensed your friend drifting away, friendship fading
When your friend is sinking lower and lower, and you can't seem to pull him up
When your parents don't seem to understand you, everything you say, everything you do, misinterpreted
When you did something wrong and can't turn back the clock
When you desperately tried to impress someone and failed
When you realised that after this few years there won't be much time for you and your siblings to be together
Desperate because it brings along frustration, indignation, confusion, self-pity
and you HATE it



SPM 就过了