Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift

What can I say? By the second line,her song has already got my tears running.
It's so touching,Taylor sang this song with her heart.Totally great!!
One of her best I can say.

"I remember tears streaming down you face
as I say I'll never let you
when all the shadow almost killed you light
I remember you say don't leave
when all that's dead and gone and pass tonight

Just close your eyes
the sun is going down
you'll be alright
no one can hurt you now
come morning light
you and I'll be safe and sound"

"don't you dare look out the window
darling everything's on fire
the war outside our door keep ragging on
hold on to this lullaby
even when the music's gone"

Not to mention the fact that me and Joy are singing it in school,like,every 5 minutes.There,you know how great it is.

looking forward to The Hunger Games the movie already.Oh please don't make a a sad ending,if not my tears will flow like river and I'll be really embarrassed.


Pumped up kicks - Foster The People

Fall in love with this indie-rock band.Their songs got me dancing to the beats!
Besides,they got Mark Pontius the drummer,which is totally,freakin' hawttt if you ask me.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

At Langkawi

Caucasian everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!Turn right turn left and you still see them around you...
It felt like a dream coming true,seriously.

And then I ended up getting confused and can't get use to Taiping because ,well ,it's rare to see them here in this very small town(*sigh).